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Hi there,

Welcome to our first ever blog post! Thanks for being here.

We thought we’d take it back to basics, and begin at the beginning.

Bellarine Wholefoods was established to reduce the amount of single use plastics going to landfill. Did you know that one million tonnes of Australia’s annual plastic consumption is single-use plastic - 84% of which is sent to landfill and only 13% is recycled. We’re doing our bit to reduce the environmental impact of single use plastics, and you can too.

We're proud to be the first sustainable supermarket in Drysdale, and love doing our bit for the environment.

What we are doing:

  • Buying products in bulk, so you can buy only what you need.

  • Reusing any plastic packaging for garbage bags in the shop.

  • Repurposing our alternative milk cartons for cup holders.

  • Use #iamnotpaper coffee cups in store (made from plantpulp!)

  • Running recycling programs for toothbrushes, razors and beauty products.

  • Choosing local suppliers wherever possible

  • Choosing suppliers that use sustainable production methods.

What you can do:

  • Choose to shop at Bellarine Wholefoods before going to your local supermarket. Chances are, we will have the dry goods you need.

  • Bring your jars - any will do! We accept glass, old paper bags, plastic jars, take away containers, sistema, bottles - you name it, we’ll accept it.

  • Buy just what you need.

  • Bring your own coffee cup.

  • Tell your friends about how good shopping sustainably feels for your soul - and wallet!

  • Choose to reuse.

Together, let’s help stop the oceans from ending up with more plastic than fish by 2040.

Have questions or feedback about #reducingplastic? Drop a comment below, or come see us in the shop, we love to chat about this!

Until next time,

Bellarine Wholefoods

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